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UK Justice

The justice sector in the UK (Police, Courts, Prison, Youth Offender Services, National Probation Service, and allied voluntary and private sector
organisations) is facing huge changes in organisation, structure and workload, whilst at the same time making very significant cost savings.

The introduction of Police and Crime Commissioners, the launch of the National Crime Agency and the transformation in the way Probation Services are delivered, is fundamentally changing the way the whole criminal justice system operates.

Agencia has worked with the full range of agencies in the sector, collectively (via multi agency Criminal Justice Boards) and individually, on a variety of organisational and strategic change issues at local, regional and national level.  Agencia is also a provider registered with the Ministry of Justice Transforming Rehabilitation Programme.

We can help you through changes in the justice sector by:

  • Advising on and developing innovative public sector spin-outs, including pioneering social enterprises, mutuals and the development of partnerships and consortia.  We are also able to support prime contractors in the building and management of their voluntary, community and social enterprise sector supply chain.
  • Enabling providers to compete within the new offender management services landscape.  Many providers will need to change the structure, culture and functioning of their current operation if they are to be successful within the new commercial environment.  Agencia is able to support this transition in a variety of ways which include:
    • Assessing whether the organisation is currently “fit for purpose” and capable of satisfying any criteria required to compete.
    • Designing and supporting any transitional arrangements required to move the organisation from its current status to being able to compete and win contracts.
    • Ensuring robust performance management arrangements are developed and are capable of meeting the requirements of a “Payment by Results” style of contract.
    • Supporting managers and groups of staff through the change process and providing mentoring and coaching support to senior managers to facilitate those changes.
    • Moving from a grant dependent organisation to one that is commercially competitive.
  • Providing Commissioning support, (including to Police and Crime Commissioners) such as the development of service commissioning arrangements, performance management frameworks and payment by results models.
  • Undertaking Independent evaluations of interventions to identify effective models of offender management. This support could include financial and activity modelling to aid disinvestment and reinvestment decisions.
  • Facilitating and brokering partnership development including working with multiple stakeholders e.g. Government departments, Police and Crime Commissioners, Local Criminal Justice Boards, Courts and CPS and working across statutory, voluntary and private sector organisations to improve support to victims and witnesses.
  • Taking a stakeholder engagement and consultation approach that has been identified as the appropriate solution during a judicial review. Agencia has a reputation as an impartial, independent organisation, which operates sensitively and confidentially to listen to and faithfully report stakeholder views.
  • Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes to create capacity, improve service quality and cut unnecessary costs by using internationally recognised industry standard “LEAN” techniques by our independently qualified experts.
  • Our team includes knowledgeable consultants with significant practical experience as barristers, judges, senior police officers, court administrators and former youth offender service staff.  We can provide you with access to the best combination of these senior level managers.

Our specific expertise in justice reform, policing and the human rights agenda are outlined below.

Topic Specialist Expertise
Strategic planning and performance management Strategic and Business planning for public and private sector institutions, performance management, implementing Total Quality Management Systems in public institutions, development of internal audit and inspection functions stakeholder mapping and analysis, institutional capacity building to manage change programmes, programme and project management using recognised international systems and principles, development of Human Resource Management Strategy, “LEAN” business process efficiency improvement, senior leadership development, development of codes of professional standards and ethics in public institutions.
Criminal Justice Reform Development of Victims and Witness Services, improving efficiency of criminal case management processes, improving access to justice for minority groups, advocacy training for public prosecutors, training on implementation of European Convention on Human Rights into rule of law organisations, arrangement and hosting of study visits and tours to UK institutions for international members of judicial institutions.
Developing and refining criminal intelligence gathering and handling systems Implementation of ‘intelligence led’ law enforcement systems and processes based upon the UK National Intelligence Model.
Organised Crime Capacity Building to improve criminal asset recovery, compliance with international anti-money laundering legislation, tackling fraud and corruption.
Serious Crime Investigations Development and delivery of investigative training programmes for prosecutors and investigators by UK Police College accredited detective trainers. Chairing and conducting Serious Crime Case Reviews.
Managing Major Incidents and Events Delivery of Critical Incident Management Training to international public and private institutions.
Community/Neighbourhood Policing Development and implementation of Community/Neighbourhood Policing Models in international jurisdictions.
Probation and alternatives to custody Development of models of Probation Services and alternatives to custody. Development of interventions programmes [e.g. drug rehabilitation services].
Alternative Dispute Resolution [ADR], Arbitration and Mediation Services Development of ADR services to divert cases from Courts and reduce backlogs, delivery of mediation services to resolve civil and family law disputes, including the development of on-line mediation services.



Agencia’s UK justice work has included:

  • Change management support and training to London and Derbyshire Probation Trusts;
  • Training on commissioning to the Senior Management Team Staffordshire and West Midlands Probation Trust;
  • Coaching of  senior staff from North Yorkshire Probation Trust;
  • Improving the Speed of Justice’ using “Lean” methodology for Humberside Criminal Justice Board;
  • Project Management of Community Justice rollout on behalf of the Ministry of Justice;
  • Evaluation of government initiatives in the justice sector (on behalf of the Home Office and the Youth Justice Board);
  • Board and staff development for a variety of criminal justice agencies (Crown Prosecution Service, Prison Service, Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service [HMCTS], Youth Offending Teams);
  • Community Engagement development for HMCTS in North and West Yorkshire;
  • Engaging the third sector to help reduce re-offending on behalf of HMCTS;
  • Strategic development for Local Criminal Justice Boards;
  • Public consultation on behalf of justice agencies;
  • Service evaluation on behalf of justice agencies.

We are also heavily involved in the justice, police reform and human rights agenda internationally.  This includes developing an enviable track record of working in Croatia, Serbia, Germany, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Ukraine, Turkey, Kosovo, Africa and Asia, and therefore have a wider experience and expertise to bring to bear on domestic issues.

To discuss aspects of Agencia’s justice portfolio contact Steve Pitts