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Safecare Network Ltd

Safecare Network Ltd is a federation of 20 GP practices in North Lincolnshire.  The commercial opportunities for the federation were significant, and the federation contracted Agencia to assist their Board in becoming more efficient and successful as a vehicle for attracting this commercial work.  Agencia worked with the Board on a number of issues including:


  • The need to articulate a vision for the federation for the forthcoming 3 years.
  • How the federation will structure and coordinate its bidding for new work and address the lack of capacity.
  • The need to champion the new way of working as a federation and to be the commercial “face” of Safecare Network Ltd.
  • How best to engage with all the federation practices from bidding and service delivery perspectives.
  • Identifying the most effective ways of working with practice managers.
  • How to address governance, and especially clinical governance, within timescales required for the purposes of bidding.


Simultaneously, Agencia has supported Safecare Network Ltd with bid writing including:

  • Hosting a bid writing masterclass for GP Practice Managers.
  • Writing a number of bids on behalf of the federation and one of the practices.  Specific bids included a Weight Management Service and Primary Care Infrastructure Funding.