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Humberside Local Medical Committees

Agencia supported the Humberside Local Medical Committees in facilitating workshops planned as part of the General Practice: Facing the Future Programme.

The context of the programme was the need to consider new ways of working to address the challenges set out in the NHS Five Year Forward View.

Primary Care is central to these changes which may include New Models of Care, Working at Scale, Federations, Vanguards, Alliances, Collaborative Working, New Contracts, Multi-speciality Community Providers (MCP), Primary and Acute services providers, etc.

The Five Year Forward View acknowledges that every area is different and so solutions needed to be developed taking account of local circumstances.

Our approach was very much one of facilitating GPs and Practice Managers to draw their own conclusions and draft their own plans for their localities.  A report was produced for each of the 4 localities including a set of options and an owned action plan.