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Haltemprice East Locality

Agencia facilitated the production of a Primary Care Transformation Pathfinder bid on behalf of Haltemprice East Locality in collaboration with Humber NHS Foundation Trust.

The proposed Haltemprice Unscheduled Care and Home Assist Service was an Advanced Nurse Practitioner and Therapist led service which could accept direct referrals from Surgeries for patients with ailments or minor injuries.  The service would triage, assess and treat, and where appropriate refer directly on to other support services without the need to refer back to a GP, except where tests and essential treatment would be required.  Patients could be directed to community beds, primary care, mental health, social care, wellbeing / third sector services or other community services.

Agencia worked with the primary care team of Practice Managers and GPs representing 8 practices in the East Riding of Yorkshire Clinical Commissioning Group area and prepared the bid which included:

  • project objectives and measurements of achievement and success
  • summary and detail descriptions of the service and patient pathway
  • impact on patients
  • alignment with Clinical Commissioning Group objectives
  • costing of service
  • benefits of the service
  • financial savings