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Agencia has developed an enviable track record of successfully exporting British public service expertise across the globe, and has been trusted to deliver over 400 contracts. With a reputation for working passionately and tirelessly (whilst combining integrity and discretion), Agencia is proud to achieve excellent results for its clients.

Our clients across the globe include:

 The British Council


 UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office



 European Union

 Government of FYR Macedonia



Our Sarajevo office was founded in 2015.

Agencia’s style of approach

Our style of approach is very much to learn the real challenges facing the organisations we work with, and not to arrive with a pre-determined plan of action. The experience of the team then allows the speedy development of realistic solutions to assist the counterpart that are achievable and relevant to the issue at hand.

It is an approach based upon a commitment to deliver meaningful and sustainable beneficial change, and hence real value for money. It involves being very open with sponsors about the real challenges faced, and establishing and maintaining close liaison with potential stakeholders, including the international community, working to identify synergies and ensuring co-ordinated action for maximum impact. Importantly, it also includes a multi-faceted approach to delivering change and improvement into change-resistant organisations, whether that resistance be centred around political, cultural, system/process blockages or reluctant individuals. We seek a complementary balance between international and local consultants within our team which both increases value for money and helps keep a continuous presence on the ground when international staff are not in-country.

Our services

Justice, policing and security reform

A leader in criminal justice reform and the rule of law, Agencia offers specialist consultancy which combines technical and managerial expertise.  Agencia has been working on justice and security reform projects on behalf of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office [FCO] since 2004, and prior to this, worked on DFID-funded projects. In that time, Agencia built up a considerable understanding of the issues facing countries in conflict and transition, and have implemented a number of successful projects within these countries.

Agencia is a supplier on the UK Government Conflict Stability and Security Fund (CSSF) Framework and a member of the Price Waterhouse Cooper [PwC] UK alliance which has won the contract to deliver the UK Department for International Development (DFID) Good Governance Fund.

In his book “Empire”, Niall Ferguson offered the opinion that the UK’s greatest sustainable contribution to history is the concept of the “rule of law.”  The UK tradition of a well-run, efficient and corruption-free judiciary continues to be held in high regard worldwide.  Our key service areas include:

  • Criminal Justice Reform and Rule of Law;
  • Diagnostic and scoping exercises to identify issues;
  • Strategic planning for the judiciary;
  • Court administration and management improvements;
  • Performance improvement support in order to meet benchmarks for European Union accession;
  • Reform and restructuring of judicial institutions;
  • Capacity building of the judiciary, prosecutors, public defenders, and other justice institutions;
  • Training on the legal approaches adopted by the UK, including how the European Convention of Human Rights was incorporated into the UK court system;
  • Arrangement and hosting of study visits and tours to UK institutions for overseas judges, police officers and social workers;
  • Delay reduction and efficiency programs;
  • Anti-corruption;
  • Domestic and sexual violence;
  • Enhancement of access to justice;
  • Developing and refining criminal intelligence gathering and handling systems;
  • Serious and organised crime;
  • Specialist Investigations;
  • Major Incidents and Events;
  • Community Policing and Terrorism.

Health and Social Care

The UK is a world leader in healthcare, with unrivalled experience and expertise in meeting the health needs of diverse populations.  Drawing on our unparalleled experience of helping run the world’s largest integrated national health system since Agencia’s inception in 1997, we can offer solutions to major healthcare challenges which can be of benefit across the globe.  Our key service areas include:

  • Designing cost effective healthcare systems, which are at the forefront of healthcare delivery;
  • Reform, design and restructuring of health and social care organisations and services to achieve excellent quality systems of care;
  • Provision of world-class training for medical, nursing, management and allied professional staff;
  • Enhancing clinical services through analysis of how they are delivered and implementing solutions which provide better patient outcomes and improve efficiency;
  • Planning and programme implementation.


The UK’s universities, colleges and schools are recognised globally for their excellence.  Education is also now emerging as a great global growth industry; and improving learning outcomes is fundamental to any country’s economic growth plan.  In the future, educational links will drive global growth and global relationships just as much as links in terms of trade, manufacturing and finance have done in the past.

Agencia can offer expertise which can help to play a valuable part in educating people around the world and transforming their lives for the better.

Our international team

Steve Pitts leads Agencia’s International work and is able to deploy a team consisting of barristers and judges, individuals with a policing background, medical staff, former teachers and change management specialists – all of whom have previous experience of managing similar issues within the UK.

Over time the team has built up experience in a number of countries including Ukraine, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Moldova, Kosovo, Malaysia, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Georgia and Pakistan.

For queries about Agencia’s international portfolio, Steve can be contacted at:

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