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On behalf of Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, Agencia delivered a project to develop a business case for the future commissioning of services to reduce domestic abuse and sexual violence, and put in place services to support victims.

The work involved:

  • Reviewing the current action plan for domestic abuse and sexual violence ensuring fully inclusive consultation with partners including those who are victims.
  • Ensuring that the plan captures new developments that are aligned to the Safer Communities Service.
  • Ensuring that domestic abuse and sexual violence is aligned to the vision of the Community Safety Partnership.
  • Determining strategic intent, statutory responsibility and ensure future pathways and service provision meet best practice guidelines.
  • Ensuring the domestic abuse and sexual violence review links with the joint strategic intelligence assessment, joint strategic needs assessment and other key strategic documents.
  • Ensuring the business case is informed by current practice, service provision and gaps are identified and ensure a full and clear understanding of the current and future market for planned service provision.

If you would like to discuss the impact we could help you make, please contact in the first instance: Helen Gibson, Managing Director,

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In consortium with Price Waterhouse Coopers and Lucid Linx [Sarajevo], Agencia is delivering a capacity building programme to the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council (HJPC) Secretariat in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Through implementing a total quality management system, the organisation now leads the country’s Public Sector Reform Programme.

Working with the High Prosecutorial Council in Belgrade, Serbia, Agencia developed and piloted the first victim information service in the Higher Court. Agencia then developed a memorandum of understanding between the Victimology Society of Serbia and National Prosecution Service and implementation plan to extend a victim care service to the five main cities in Serbia.

Outputs delivered to date are;

  • Inception report identifying short, medium and long term priorities
  • Capacity Building Plan 2015-18 and programme of eight priority projects
  • Delivery of Total Quality Management Assessment and Improvement Plan using Common Assessment Framework adopted by Public Administration Reform Office.

Agencia delivered keynote speeches to a ‘Safeguarding Children’ conference in Ankara, Turkey under the auspices of the British Council.

Agencia has undertaken work in three countries as part of the Safety, Security and Access to Justice Project in the Balkans, a project funded by the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DFID).

  • Bosnia & Herzegovina – Judicial reforms (2003-2006)
  • Croatia – Juvenile justice and victim support (2004-2005)
  • Serbia – Judicial reforms (2004-2006)

Agencia is a key partner in a European Consortium, including the UK National Offender Management Service (NOMS) delivering a two year EU project to implement judicial reform and develop alternative sanctions (Probation Service).

The project is developing a professional, efficient and effective judicial system in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, and will implement a Probation Service capable of delivering a range of alternatives to custody.  The work started in January 2015 and will complete in November 2016.


Problem solving for Court Users


The Ministry of Justice commissioned Agencia to develop ‘problem solving courts’ across several Magistrates’ Courts areas, with the aim of reducing low level crime offending through intervention using third sector organisations.

Our support brokered service level agreements with the third sector providers, able to deal with underlying issues such as alcoholism, debt, housing and relationship issues at the root of the crime in addition to providing training and support to the magistracy involved in delivering justice.


What our clients say:

“We worked with Agencia in order to negotiate a service level agreement for delivering a service to our local court.  The team provided real expertise and helped us explore ways to secure the sustainability of the service.”

Carol Barber, Manager, Harrogate Citizens Advice Bureau

“Agencia was instrumental in securing the in-court services of third sector providers.  This was in no small part due to the brokerage skills and dedication demonstrated by the Agencia team.”

David Jackson, Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service

Active_Recovery_Logo_200_76North Lincolnshire Council has appointed Agencia to provide its “Active Change Community Recovery Service”, or “Active Recovery”, for registered drug users. Combining clinical and psychosocial interventions, the new service replaced the current partnership shared care arrangements on April 1st 2014.


Agencia is well known for its expertise in clinical service change, its integration of health and social care services and its commitment to service users. Andrew Gibson, Chairman of Agencia says:

“we have a vision for this service – to work on the overall wellbeing of drug users who are committed to recovery, and to help them win through.”

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NHS Central Eastern CSU recently commissioned Agencia to provide support at short notice in assessing and reviewing 18 community services commissioned by Castle Point and Rochford CCG.  We were able to respond with a team of data analysts to quickly prepare supporting information packs and a team of consultants with relevant experience to attend assessment panel meetings.

Rotherham, Doncaster and South Humber (RDASH) NHS Trust approached Agencia in November 2013 to provide support to their bid writing team in completing a tender to provide smoking cessation services in North Lincolnshire.  Our role was to provide up-to-date local intelligence and to combine national/international best practice within the existing RDASH clinical governance and management approach.  Additionally, we provided some editorial oversight on the tender document.

There was only time for one face-to-face meeting and all follow-up work was conducted by teleconference or email.  The work was completed against extremely tight deadlines and demonstrated our capacity to provide support to an existing team working on a complex brief.

Agencia provided support to the delivery of anti-corruption work in Moldova.  The fight against corruption is one of the objectives of the Moldovan Government and our role consisted of developing sentencing guidelines for corruption crimes.


This included the following:

(i) preparing a template for Sentencing Guidelines in Moldova;

(ii) providing support in the discussions with the Supreme Court of Justice with regard to the role of the Sentencing Guidelines in the context of independence of the judiciary;

(iii) reviewing and amending the initial draft Sentencing Guidelines for corruption crimes prepared by the American Bar Association working group, and

(iv) providing support in the discussions with the Supreme Court of Justice with regard to the approval of the Sentencing Guidelines for corruption crimes.

The focus was on corruption crimes: passive corruption, active corruption and influence peddling.