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Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council


On behalf of Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council, Agencia delivered a project to develop a business case for the future commissioning of services to reduce domestic abuse and sexual violence, and put in place services to support victims.

The work involved:

  • Reviewing the current action plan for domestic abuse and sexual violence ensuring fully inclusive consultation with partners including those who are victims.
  • Ensuring that the plan captures new developments that are aligned to the Safer Communities Service.
  • Ensuring that domestic abuse and sexual violence is aligned to the vision of the Community Safety Partnership.
  • Determining strategic intent, statutory responsibility and ensure future pathways and service provision meet best practice guidelines.
  • Ensuring the domestic abuse and sexual violence review links with the joint strategic intelligence assessment, joint strategic needs assessment and other key strategic documents.
  • Ensuring the business case is informed by current practice, service provision and gaps are identified and ensure a full and clear understanding of the current and future market for planned service provision.

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