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UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Department for International Development and Ministry of Defence (Bosnia & Herzegovina)

Bosnia & Herzegovina (December 2013 – March 2016)

Agencia has worked with the Prosecutors Office to develop their strategic planning capability and in March 2015 a three year strategic plan was produced and approved by the Chief Prosecutor. Recognising that tackling corruption was one of the top priorities for the Prosecutors Office, Agencia developed an organisational and operational strategy to increase the capacity and capability of the Prosecutors Office to tackle corruption and they are currently working with the UK Embassy and Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to deliver that strategy.

In addition, on behalf of the British Embassy in Sarajevo, Agencia is managing a project to strengthen the managerial capacities of the State Prosecutor’s Office (the office that prosecutes war crimes, organised crime cases and corruption cases. This project ran from December 2013 – March 2015.

During the period January – March 2014, Agencia consultants:

  • Conducted diagnostic interviews with prosecutors and staff of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH
  • Conducted diagnostic interviews with other judicial bodies in BiH that impact on the work of the Office of the Chief Prosecutor, including:
    • Judges and court administrators
    • Police
    • High Judicial & Prosecutorial Council

Following those interviews, the consultants produced a report for the Chief Prosecutor that analyses the current position of the Office of the Chief Prosecutor and contains recommendations for future work. Agencia assisted with the implementation of the recommendations during the period April 2014 – March 2015.