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RIPA International – Anti Corruption Training (Kosovo)

Anti – Corruption Training (August 2012 – March 2013)

On behalf of the British Embassy in Kosovo, Agencia is involved in a project strengthening anti-corruption policies and furthering EU integration in Kosovo.

Transparency International’s 2011 Corruption Perception Index Report ranks Kosovo in 112th place of 182 countries giving it a score of 2.9 out of 10 which is considered highly corrupt. Moreover, the European Union’s 2011 Progress Report identifies that “the capacity to investigate this type of crime, and the level of expertise, remains limited. Law enforcement and judicial authorities need to be more pro-active in this area.”

In response to this Agencia has developed a 3 year anti-corruption training strategy for the Kosovo Judicial Institute and delivered a series of training seminars on tackling corruption, developing joint agency and cross border responses to financial crimes, coaching and mentoring for senior investigators from the Kosovo Police, Prosecution and Customs over a period of two years. The programme included a study visit to UK institutions leading corruption investigations.