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Wakefield Clinical Commissioning Group

Mock Panel Support for Authorisation Visit

Agencia’s support to Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) prior to the forthcoming visits from the NHS Commissioning Board as part of the authorisation process has enabled CCGs to successfully proceed to the next stage of preparation for live running.

The visit, a central part of the overall authorisation process which allows CCGs to take a full role in the commissioning of services for patients in the new structure of the NHS is a real challenge.

Agencia provided a team of experienced consultants who together combined high level technical knowledge of the NHS with top quality coaching and evaluation skills. This enabled them to challenge and support the CCG, as part of their development and team building, in a safe environment. The process enabled the team to test out their preparedness and built confidence prior to the official visit, as well as developing team working skills which will support the organisation for the longer term.

“Our authorisation went very well indeed. We got an excellent report and the number of red ratings fell from 44/119 to 5/119. On the day our whole team demonstrated confidence, passion, honesty and a team ethos.  The practice sessions held with Agencia were extremely helpful and in many ways the KLOE panels were easier than when we were practising. Overall a great result – the Agencia team are to be thanked for their input – very valuable”                                         

Phil Earnshaw, Chair of Wakefield CCG