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Northern Ireland Department for Social Development

The Northern Ireland Department for Social Development was established in December 1999 as part of the Northern Ireland Executive.  It has strategic responsibility for urban regeneration, community and voluntary sector development, social legislation, housing, social security benefits, pensions and child support.  The Department for Social Development (DSD) appointed Agencia to undertake a review of their Supporting People Commissioning Body.  The review centred on examining the current commissioning process in order to ensure that it remains the most effective process for assessing and providing supporting people services. 

The review was based on a desk review of over 30 documents provided by DSD (and other stakeholders) and the views and perceptions of a cross section of people, with an interest in the Commissioning Body's work, obtained from conducting face to face and telephone interviews.  Our report provided an evaluation of the commissioning process, including making recommendations for areas for improvement.