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York & North Yorkshire Probation Trust

The Probation Service faced a number of proposed changes and a new commissioning agenda. Agencia provided coaching support to the York and North Yorkshire Probation Trust as it considers the potential impact of the new commissioning agenda, and ways in which the organisation might flex to the challenges and opportunities presented.

The focus of the work included:

  • Learning from the experience of the wider public sector on the introduction of commissioning, managing transition, organisational structures (both during transition and end state), governance arrangements (again transitional and end state) and achieving a purchase-provider full separation.
  • Exploring ideas of how to achieve a commissioner / provider split for their own organisation and issues of change management to achieve workable solutions; both in the long term and during transition.
  • Politics and practicalities of partnerships; including the need to achieve critical mass of commissioning function to enable effective operation as a commissioner.
  • Communication, consultation with key parties and leadership (personally and corporately) of the process.


“There are real benefits in hearing how other parts of the public sector have embraced commissioning, and being challenged in our thinking. I appreciate what Agencia can offer as a sounding board as our Trust responds to the new commissioning environment for offender management.”

Pete Brown, Chief Probation Officer for York & North Yorkshire Probation Trust