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North Lincolnshire Council – Active Recovery

Active_Recovery_Logo_200_76North Lincolnshire Council has appointed Agencia to provide its “Active Change Community Recovery Service”, or “Active Recovery”, for registered drug users. Combining clinical and psychosocial interventions, the new service replaced the current partnership shared care arrangements on April 1st 2014.


Agencia is well known for its expertise in clinical service change, its integration of health and social care services and its commitment to service users. Andrew Gibson, Chairman of Agencia says:

“we have a vision for this service – to work on the overall wellbeing of drug users who are committed to recovery, and to help them win through.”

Active Recovery will meet the prescribing needs of registered users. A wide range of support will help them to build recovery into all aspects of their lives and the role of Agencia will include providing constructive challenge to individual service users, and the partnership of organisations involved, in order to maximise recovery outcomes. Effective partnership with a broad range of support organisations is therefore key to the approach.


Stewart Atkinson, of the North Lincolnshire Substance Misuse Team comments:

“we were keen to move to a single provider model. We have all sorts of good practice and great organisations locally, and wanted a provider who could draw all this together for the benefit of service users and the wider community. We believe Agencia can lead in doing that.”


To find out more about Active Recovery, or how Agencia could provide your service, please contact Graeme Dixon, Operational Manager for the service on 01482 649900.