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North East Lincolnshire Care Trust Plus

Over the last four years we have undertaken extensive work for North East Lincolnshire Care Trust Plus to support the development of this innovative primary care organisation and the ways in which it can integrate health and social care. This has included the writing of its commissioning strategy for community services and achieving change in a wide range of clinical services (some details below). This work has required engagement with the full range of health professionals, including GPs, and the CTP Board. The most recent examples are provided below.

Review of Intermediate Care Services

Agencia managed a project reviewing Intermediate Care Services in North East Lincolnshire. At the point where health and social care services meet most often, the Agencia team looked at how the services currently operate, and how successful people feel the care they receive is in meeting local needs.  The team reported back to North East Lincolnshire Care Trust Plus (NELCTP), who manage both health and adult social care services in the area.  The report included recommendations for the future to enhance the service.  Agencia were subsequently asked to support the development of new arrangements for a more integrated approach to care, working closely with management and practitioners in designing and implementing the revised working methodologies.

Re-engineering older people’s mental health services

Agencia has been supporting NELCTP to re-engineer services to promote early diagnosis and treatment of dementia and functional conditions in older people.  Our approach has involved undertaking an audit of activity and financial data, mapping of existing services, consultation with service users and their families/carers, defining priorities for action and the development of new commissioning strategy.

Development of a more integrated pathway for unscheduled care

Agencia’s consultants worked with senior managers from North East Lincolnshire Care Trust Plus and other partner organisations within the northern Lincolnshire patch to develop a more integrated pathway for unscheduled care and the commissioning strategy supports and promotes a move to this new model of care.

The revised patient pathway for unscheduled care builds on the unique opportunities presented by the organisations Care Trust Plus status (which combines responsibility for health and adult social care) to support the development of intermediate tier and rapid response services that will reduce the number of people needing to attend the local accident & emergency department and prevent unnecessary hospital admissions. The strategy also integrates the new GP out of hours service; a service that Agencia supported local GP’s to develop as a separate project (see health projects).