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NHS LIFT Programme

A NHS LIFT Programme was being implemented by Bury PCT with a twin focus on both clinical services redesign and the development of the estate.

In conjunction with its partners from ActonShapiro, Agencia was commissioned to establish the services which would be provided from 2 health centres and to develop a schedule of room accommodation and Tenants Requirements. The programme had to ensure that the outputs intended from the clinical services reconfiguration were built into the premises requirements for the centres. Agencia were also asked to develop a consultative approach to build understanding and ownership of the planned changes, and to ensure that proposals addressed the change management, cultural, and joint working needs of the new service.

Re-Locating adminstrative Services

As a by-product of its ambitious LIFT programme, and other primary care developments, Bury PCT developed plans to relocate community nursing and administrative staff into two central office bases.  Agencia were asked to review the administrative provision in current health centres, and the implications of these proposed changes for administrative support.   Our team interviewed managers and ran workshops and planning sessions with those staff most closely affected by the changes.  The work enabled us to identify continuing needs at the health centres, as well as modelling future ways of working to ensure equitable support for clinical services.    On the basis of this support the PCT has been able to design proposals for effective and efficient administration arrangements for a range of clinical services.