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NHS Hull

We have been working with NHS Hull for a number of years including working closely with the Board.

Occupational Health Service Specification

For NHS Hull, we undertook market research with a number of SMEs in the city to develop a specification for a proposed occupational health service to be provided by the PCT for local businesses.  We consulted local business managers to identify key areas of interest for such a service, and worked with PCT staff to draft an appropriate specification to meet these needs.  NHS Hull subsequently adopted the specification as the basis of tendering for provision of the new service.


Preparing for Partnership

Agencia worked with NHS Hull to prepare a Partnership Toolkit in consultation with PCT staff which was designed to document and improve the quality of local partnerships.  This also supported the achievement of Use of Resources and World Class Commissioning targets.Assessment of Return on Investment of healthy living centre

Health Central, in Hull, opened in February 2010 as the UK’s first high street based healthy living centre, and Agencia has undertaken an initial appraisal of its Return on Investment. Using a range of data, and interviews with key stakeholders Agencia looked at clinical, financial and non financial returns on investment to date.  As part of this work Agencia was able to design methodology for a more comprehensive evaluation of this primary care initiative.


Review of governance arrangements

We have recently reviewed governance arrangements with particular reference to NHS Hull’s strategic partnerships.  A Partnership Toolkit was one of the deliverables from this work in order to build the PCTs capacity to document and improve the quality of local partnerships for the future.


Board development work for World Class Commissioning

Having initially been commissioned to undertake an observation of the Board in operation, we were able to offer performance feedback using the framework set out in the governance critiera within the World Class Commissioning self assessment framework.  This assisted in the Board’s preparation for its formal observed meeting undertaken by the Strategic Health Authority, and led to requests for personal feedback and subsequent development coaching with individual members of the Board.  Agencia has since been retained to provide further support in revision of the PCT’s OD Plan to ensure full alignment with the development of competencies under the WCC arrangements.

Following the successful completion of the Board observation exercises, Agencia were also asked to help the Board to prepare for its panel visit.  The feedback from this exercise from Board members was extremely positive, and was one of the key drivers for the PCT’s request for further support from the Agencia team.


Specification for staff training: ‘Make Every Contact Count’

Agencia was asked to assist in the preparation of a specification for the training of staff in two wards in the local acute hospitals trust. The aim was to ‘Make Every Contact Count’ to support the local public health priorities set by NHS Hull.

‘Making Every Contact Count’ is an initiative to provide frontline health staff with the knowledge and skills to enable them to support patients with making healthier lifestyle choices.  There is substantial evidence that ‘brief interventions’ are a cost effective way of raising lifestyle issues with patients and supporting them to adopt healthy behaviours.

The specification produced by Agencia and NHS Hull was issued and contract successfully awarded for the detailed contract.