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NHS East Riding

Agencia has supported NHS East Riding of Yorkshire on a number of projects.

Preparation of Strategic Plan

Agencia was asked to assist in the preparation of their strategic plan, required to be prepared and submitted under the World Class Commissioning self assessment arrangements.

Agencia’s principal role at this stage was editorial, refining the contributions from a variety of sources across the PCT and creating a coherent whole from these elements.  In addition, Agencia was asked to prepare a summary document for public consumption, linked to a consultation exercise around the main themes of the Strategic Plan.

Having produced a consultation document, Agencia was subsequently invited to collate and analyse feedback received from stakeholder groups and the public, reporting the results back to the PCT Board.

Review of Board Assurance Framework and Governance Strategy

The increased emphasis on good governance led NHS East Riding of Yorkshire to review both its Board Assurance Framework and its Governance Strategy.  Agencia facilitated the process of review, and developed revised strategies and frameworks to put the PCT at the forefront of governance.  The PCT is particularly focused on arrangements for governance between organisations, reflecting the need for joint working in the achievement of health strategy objectives centred on reducing inequalities and improving access to services in a large and rural area.