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Ministry of Justice

In November 2006 the Secretary of State for Constitutional Affairs and Lord Chancellor Lord Falconer, announced ten new areas taking part in the next phase of community justice in England and Wales. Lord Falconer also outlined key principles that the new areas would follow in delivering community justice.

Agencia has provided consultancy and management support to two of those ten new areas – Bradford and Hull.

The community justice initiatives in Bradford and Hull built on the achievements of the North Liverpool and Salford projects. They demonstrated further how the courts, the wider criminal justice system and the public could be brought closer together to foster new relationships that work to make justice better for everyone.

Agencia worked with court staff in Bradford and Hull to plan the implementation of the two new community justice courts, and provided project management support to both projects. In addition, Agencia managed the process of community engagement that lies at the heart of the community justice initiative.