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Magistrates’ Courts Committees and HM Courts Service

Agencia has had a productive relationship with the English Magistrates’ Courts for a number of years, and was involved in planning and supporting the transition of these organisations from their former MCCs into Her Majesty’s Courts Service.

Devon & Cornwall MCC

As the implications of the Auld report for the Criminal Justice System became apparent, the Devon & Cornwall MCC established a need to review its strategic plan to incorporate transition plans for the move towards the unified court administration.  Working closely with the MCC and the Department for Constitutional Affairs Court Unification Programme Team, Agencia continued their support to the MCC in the production of this review, and produced a planning template for use on a nationwide basis.

Department for Constitutional Affairs

Following the successful creation of the transition planning template for Magistrates’ Courts Committees, we were retained by the Department for Constitutional Affairs to provide consultancy support for MCCs across the country in preparing their local plans.

Her Majesty’s Courts Service in the Humber Area

For Her Majesty’s Courts Service in the Humber Area, Agencia assisted with the preparation of Business Plans for 2005 and 2006, facilitating day workshops and reviewing draft business plans in the light of the template based on modelling by Agencia under the DCA’s UCAP programme.

Testing witness and juror experience

One of the strategic objectives of Her Majesty’s Courts Service (HMCS) is “to put the public at the heart of what we do, so victims, witnesses and jurors feel confident in the system.”
Agencia was commissioned by HMCS – Humber Area to undertake a series of focus groups with witnesses to consider their experiences of the service.  We facilitated focus groups, and identified a number of key themes concerning the quality of services for witnesses, which was then fed back to the organisation to investigate critical changes.

Alongside our work on witness experiences, we were also asked to conduct a similar series of focus groups for jurors for the Hull Crown Court.