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Lincolnshire County Council

Lincolnshire County Council has undertaken several projects with the help of Agencia, from Agendas for Change to Strategic level thinking.

Review of Family Support Services

We undertook a major Best Value Review of Family Support Services for organisations led by Lincolnshire County Council. This multi-agency review involved health, education and social services, as well as voluntary and independent sector representatives and parents.

The Review delivered a significant agenda for change and enabled a new approach to Family Support that recognises the distinctive contributions to be made by different organisations, but places them in a context that encourages partnership approaches as the basis for a strategic approach.

Service and Structural Models

Resulting from the requirement to create a Directorate of Children’s Services, Lincolnshire County Council asked Agencia to undertake work to consider the implications for adult social services.  Working with the Directorate Management Team, Agencia facilitated consideration of a variety of service and structural models.

The approach addressed not only social service issues, but also considered the wider corporate agenda for the County Council in the light of the changes being brought about by the Children Act 2004 and the white paper “Every Child Matters”.

Developing an Agenda for Change

We completed a review of day services for people with physical disabilities in Lincolnshire on behalf of Lincolnshire County Council.  The project involved understanding the views of service users and staff, as well as other interested parties, to develop an agenda for change and modernisation.

Stategic Aproach for Social Services

On behalf of Lincolnshire County Council Social Services Department, we carried out a review of the training function, culminating in the creation of a new strategic approach to the commissioning and delivery of training services for the whole department.