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Leicester Local Involvement Network (LINk)

In 2011, Agencia was commissioned to evaluate the Leicester Local Involvement Network (LINk). This work involved Agencia completing a 360 degree evaluation of Leicester LINk on behalf of the Local Authority and NHS Leicester City.

The NHS White Paper 2010 ‘Liberating the NHS’ placed a statutory requirement on Local Authorities to transform their LINks organisations into a HealthWatch service with effect from 1st October 2012.  As part of this transition, the Local Authority and NHS Leicester City required an impartial evaluation of Leicester LINk.

The Agencia evaluation was based on the views and perceptions of those people and organisations with an interest in LINk’s work, including stakeholders, members of LINk, patients and the general public.

Our approach included the use of three different online surveys, street surveys and semi-structured interviews undertaken face to face and by telephone.

On completion of our evaluation we were able to deliver robust findings that proved helpful in informing the transition to HealthWatch.