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Humberside Criminal Justice Board

The Probation Service faced a number of proposed changes and a new commissioning agenda. Agencia provided coaching support to the York and North Yorkshire Probation Trust as it considers the potential impact of the new commissioning agenda, and ways in which the organisation might flex to the challenges and opportunities presented.

‘Improving the Speed of Justice’ using Lean

The speed of justice has become a key issue for Criminal Justice agencies and their partners in response to the need to seek efficiencies within the CJS. Whilst prevailing economic factors are important, the way in which the CJS reacted to the rioting of 2011 has raised significant questions about the length of time that the system takes in delivering justice outcomes.

Humberside Criminal Justice Board therefore sought to identify how speed of justice could be improved and to what degree this is possible. This work had good strategic fit with the Board’s priorities of Efficiency and Effectiveness, Supporting Victims and Witnesses and Reducing Reoffending.

The purpose of this project was to apply Lean and Six Sigma methodology to the case management process in order to reduce the time taken from the recording of a crime to finalisation of any subsequent proceedings in the Magistrates’ Court.  The Agencia team:

  • Created a detailed process map setting out the parts of the process that add value to the overall process objective, together with those that did not add value.
  • Created a data collection plan and populated it with data relating to the process from existing data sources.
  • Analysed and validated the data, to identify gaps and assigned data to the process map.
  • Produced a set of metrics to enable robust project evaluation;
  • Produced a report containing recommendations for improvement to the Project Board
  • Provided Lean awareness training to operational staff involved in the project.

Restorative Justice

As part of its approach to developing restorative justice, the Humberside Criminal Justice Board commissioned Agencia to undertake a benchmarking audit of current provision in the area, including identifying staff trained across agencies in restorative justice principles and techniques.  The information was analysed and reported to the Board, to assist them in developing ‘next steps’.

The Humberside Criminal Justice Board, commissioned a public confidence survey, and asked Agencia, who developed the questionnaire, to analyse the results for report back to the Board’s Communications Group.

Staff awareness and understanding

The Communications Group of the Humberside Criminal Justice Board asked Agencia to conduct a survey of over 5,000 staff from all the agencies represented on the Board. The findings of this survey would provide the Board with information on staff awareness and understanding of the work of other agencies and partnership working.

Agencia developed the questionnaire and analysed the results, providing a report to the Board on the development of interagency working.