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Gloucestershire County Council

Agencia has worked closely with Gloucestershire County Council in several projects, from Events Management to Studies of the effectiveness of services for older people.

Consultation Study and Evaluation

In 2004 Gloucestershire County Council commissioned Agencia to carry out a major consultation study and evaluation of the services provided by the Council for older people, particularly with a view to ascertaining how those services could meet growing aspirations from a demographically larger, aging population.  The Agencia team consulted with the voluntary, community and representative organisations, and with staff, residents and relatives at over 20 residential homes in the County.   Issues around care for older people from minority ethnic groups featured in key sections of the report.

The final evaluation identified issues and challenges for future policy, strategy and planning, and identified what development work and planning was needed now and in the near future to enable appropriate services to be delivered.

Stakeholder Consultation

In further development of its strategic review of services for older people, Gloucestershire County Council commissioned Agencia to return to the County to undertake a further round of stakeholder consultation.  The aim on this occasion was to test reactions to a series of preliminary proposals for change to the nature, style and delivery of services in the County, to reflect the themes of Independence, Well-being and Choice.

Our team spoke with residents, relatives and staff in over 20 residential homes in the County, in conjunction with the current service providers, the Orders of St John Care Trust and Bedford Pilgrims Housing Association, and recorded their views on the proposals.  We also ran and facilitated a number of public meetings across the County, to consult with a range of other interests in each locality.  Responses were also invited in writing, by letter, e-mail or comment form, and by a web based response facility.  The final report analysed all comments, and offered a series of recommendations for dealing with the key issues which emerged.

Event Management

Following the successful delivery of the consultation exercise and evaluation of services provided for older people, Gloucestershire County Council commissioned Agencia for a further piece of work. The aim was to help the Council and its partners consider the implications of the Governments Green Paper “Independence, Well-being and Choice”, in the light of current local services and the emerging vision for the future. Agencia designed and facilitated two events, a summit meeting for key leaders, and a large conference involving all stakeholders in Gloucestershire.

The outcome was a closer alignment of the vision and aspirations of the statutory, voluntary and independent sectors in delivering the wishes of local communities.