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East Riding of Yorkshire Council

East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) commissioned Agencia to undertake detailed modelling of future services for people with dementia in the East Riding of Yorkshire. This “Deep Dive” project included the financial modelling services for people with dementia.

Agencia reviewed the current services for people with dementia in the East Riding and the proposals for change contained in the Dementia Blueprint, which was a developing document at the beginning of the project.

With the help of East Riding of Yorkshire Council, NHS East Riding and Humber Foundation Trust, the Agencia team staff were able to establish a view of the current resources devoted to care for people with dementia and from that, estimate the potential future cost of services if no action were taken – the “Do Nothing Option”.

The team was able to form recommendations for the future development of services based on the Strategy, Blueprint and other sources of good practice. These recommendations were consistent with the emerging Blueprint, but took some aspects a step further.

Agencia was also able to formulate a financial model which identified the potential short, medium and long-term implications of making these changes.