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East Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group

The Strategic Plan is a key component of the East Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group’s (ELCCG) commissioning process. It summarised the CCG’s strategic direction during 2012/13 and provided a clear outline of the strategic initiatives the CCG (along with its partners) will seek to deliver up to 2016/17.

However, the CCG and the localities recognised that the plan that was submitted for CCG authorisation did not fully reflect the needs of the individual localities and respective locality Joint Needs Assessments. The CCG therefore commissioned Agencia to support them to develop this plan. The Plan was important not only for the authorisation process, but also to define the needs and commissioning intentions of each of the localities over the next five years (recognizing the need to commission high quality, safe, effective services which are accessible and equitable).

Clinical Leadership and ownership of the overall strategic plan and the locality action plans was a key priority for the CCG. In developing the plan, therefore, Agencia recognised the need to work actively with existing locality leads and support them in the development and writing of the plan, working to an overall project management critical path.

As a result, all of the CCGs authorisation conditions were removed by the Commissioning Board and they were fully authorised.