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Do you need to review victims’ services?

Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) have now assumed responsibility for the funding of local victims’ services; the commissioning of essential services to assist victims of crime in their area to cope and recover from their experiences.

To ensure that you PCCs have the most informed evidence to make commissioning decisions on behalf of victims of crime, they may wish to conduct an independent review and analysis of the segmented needs, and the service delivery landscape.

Agencia can provide bespoke support to undertake an independent review to explore key questions and challenges as follows:

  • Establishing a comprehensive understanding of the level and type of victim, referral and support service needed.
  • Understanding how well the current referral mechanism into victims’ services works [e.g. are victims made aware of the services available to them? Is victim data transferred safely, quickly, accurately and systematically and do current arrangements represent value for money?]
  • Gaining a thorough understanding of the scope of demand for victim referral and support services and whether this demand is being met.  This includes uncovering any ‘hidden demand’ for victim’s services.  For example, what does the data and existing research say about demand for victim services, what do victims and witnesses want from these services – do different victims need and want different things?
  • Independently assessing and evaluating the current end to end process victims of crime encounter.
  • Mapping and assessing current service provision – do services vary between boroughs, demographies and crime types; who accesses these services?  How much do services cost, who pays for them and do they represent value for money?  Are there sufficient services for vulnerable victims of crime, such as victims of hate crime?  Is Restorative Justice easily accessible for victims of crime?
  • Developing a detailed understanding of the identifiable gaps in existing victims’ referral and support service provision based on local need and demand analysis.  For example, what should service provision look like? How efficient and effective are: the signposting and referral mechanisms within the police, from the police to other partners, and between partner agencies – particularly in terms of needs assessment; and the self-referral methods to support services; what services are needed that are not currently delivered?
  • Identifying and sharing current best practice in the delivery of victim referral and support services – including benchmarking, which outlines where service innovation / excellence currently exists and how this is evaluated; Should focus be on delivering some specific or flagship services?  Is there a different and refreshed lens we should use to envision better services to victims?
  • Facilitating any necessary change and implementing more effective services e.g. should capacity building with providers be part of your PCC’s commissioning approach?  Are funding levels sufficient to meet demand for these services? How can the PCC measure the success of any new approach?
  • Formulating a set of recommendations that can be used to effectively and efficiently commission referral and support services for victims based on outcomes specific to local need and demand.  This might include opportunities to use existing research and build bridges into local health and wellbeing services (e.g. where drug abuse or mental health issues exist) to contribute to reducing a victims risk and therefore reduce the level of crime – a holistic community based approach.  We can also advise on future proofing services e.g. how to maximise the impact of social media or how to convert the huge amounts of relevant data commissioners have into accessible information to support their local communities.

We have enviable specific expertise in justice reform, policing and the human rights agenda and are always interested in looking for opportunities to collaborate with partners.  Please contact Steve Pitts to request a copy of our full international portfolio or to discuss the support that you need.  You can also find more information on our website at the following links:

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