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Derbyshire Probation Trust

The Ministry of Justice announced that the country’s 35 Probation Trusts are to be replaced by a smaller nationally run organisation. England and Wales will be divided into 21 areas commensurate with Local Authorities and Police and Crime Commissioners, and the private and voluntary sectors will be invited to bid for contracts to work with offenders.

Such radical changes are accompanied by risks to the maintenance of performance, strategic development and staff morale.  Determined to minimise and manage these risks, several Probation Trusts have turned to Agencia for support.  Agencia is currently working with Derbyshire Probation Trust, helping their management team to meet the challenges that such a significant change will bring to individuals, those staff they are responsible for and the Trust.  This includes, supporting them to consider how to meet both the internal and external challenges and identify how best to manage the complexity of the change process for staff at all levels.