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Consulting the public on Renewables in Hull November 2012

Humber Expo Week 2012

Agencia recently undertook a partnering activity with the Renewables Network as part of the November 2012 Humber Expo week, held at the Freedom Centre in Hull.

As part of the Community Expo day, Hull residents were invited to ask questions and present their views and questions to an expert panel on renewable energy and the impact it would have on Hull.
The consultation, undertaken by a team from Agencia, was Chaired by Andrew Gibson and covered the following points:

  1. A presentation to set the scene by Sam Pick from Renewables Network.
  2. Feedback on concept of renewable energy.
  3. Feedback on proposals regarding renewable sector of Yorkshire and Humber region

The consultation provided an interactive approach for members of the community who were encouraged to ask questions, offer opinions and participate.
Some of the key findings included, the value the public placed on  the opportunity to be consulted and the potential for job generation in the area, with issues such as, the effect to the supply chain renewable energy sources posed.

Helen Gibson, Joint Managing Director, at Agencia commented:

“Agencia was delighted to be facilitating this public consultation event. Having 15 years’ experience of conducting independent public consultation exercises with private companies, Local Authorities and communities, we were able to draw out concerns and increase understanding of proposed developments of this nature.

Our reputation as an impartial, independent organisation which operates sensitively to engage and consult with public and professional stakeholders has proved both successful in brokering and achieving change amongst a range of different parties and is recognised as an appropriate approach to consultation during a judicial review.”

Sam Pick, Director, at the Renewables Network commented:

“With renewable energy increasingly seen as the UK’s next industrial revolution, it is a key growth opportunity for Hull. The scale of these projects, be it offshore wind, biomass or micro generation, means understanding the public’s wants and needs is crucial. Projects only progress when there is a genuine partnership between the industry and the public.”

The consultation enabled us to explain the range of renewable energy developments to the public in a jargon-free way. It was an excellent opportunity to encourage participation, develop our understanding of how the public views the industry and the opportunity for Hull.

One of those on the expert panel at the event was Andrew Morton, of Footprint Renewables – a Hull-based marketing company that works with businesses involved in the areas of green energy and sustainability.Andrew said:

“Keeping communities across the Hull and Humber area updated on what’s go-ing on in the region’s renewable energy industry, and hearing people’s views, is very important. This is because green energy can play a big part in all of our lives, whether it’s through potential job opportunities or, ultimately, helping to reduce our utility bills.

Yet, renewables as an industry can often seem complex and hard to understand – so the staging of consultation events as Agencia did at the Freedom Centre has to be welcomed.”

Feedback from the event has been compiled by Agencia for the Renewables Network. It will provide the basis of consideration for future opportunities and partnership working.

Agencia are keen to work with organisations impacting on renewable energy developments to ensure the views of the community are heard and so that developers and developments are in the best interest of everyone.  If you would like to know more, or to receive a copy of the consultation report, please contact: