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Coaching For Business School Lecturer

Agencia provided coaching support to a Senior Hull University Business School Lecturer who wished to explore and develop a ‘mid-career plan.’

The coaching programme delivered the following outcomes:

  • Increased self-awareness and self-confidence through the creation of an environment in which the participant was acknowledged, listened to and supported in their learning
  • Transformational learning
  • Leadership development arising from increased levels of self-awareness of preferred personal style and the impact of this on others through development of coaching skills
  • Increased awareness and understanding of theories and models of learning and leadership to enable the participant to better understand and be able to support colleagues in the workplace
  • A toolkit of techniques and models that could be used flexibly in their day to day work as managers
  • The ability to recognise and successfully negotiate personal barriers as a result of enhanced self-awareness developed through the use of personal learning journals.

This work prompted the following comment:

“My Agencia coach was a good coach; she had the right personal characteristics and was bright enough to respond to problem solving issues  She was also very genuine and sincere; the right mix.  I know a lot of coaches, and many would struggle with my analytical approach, but Agencia coped very well with my analytical side.  She was very good at listening to my weaknesses – but not soft – which I liked.”

Dr Giles Hindle, Centre for Systems Studies, University of Hull Business School