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Bury PCT

Bury Primary Care Trust are accountable to the NHS North West Region. Agencia has worked on several projects for the Bury PTC.

ICATS Scoping Study

The launch of the Greater Manchester programme for provision of Integrated Clinical Assessment and Treatment Services (ICATS) in the NHS created opportunities for Bury PCT to provide services previously available only in acute hospitals in new community settings.

Agencia undertook a scoping study to identify current activity trends as a benchmark for the provision of the new services, analysing data on outpatient, day care, and inpatient workloads. The analysis considered a variety of factors, including referrals, conversion and follow up rates, and laid firm foundations for the introduction of the new service.

Following this initial assessment, Agencia was commissioned to lead and develop the procurement process for the establishment of a new local services for ICATS in the musculo-skeletal environment.  This work included the creation of all documentation, from specification through tender documents to evaluation material.  Agencia project managed the whole process, including the evaluation of tenders and identification of the preferred provider, working through an evaluation panel of local NHS staff.