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For most people, working life will involve operating as part of a team on either a formal or informal basis. Working in teams involves a range of competencies and skills which staff are often assumed to possess without question. Building effective and efficient teams can be a difficult and sensitive staff development process.

Agencia can offer to organisations a service to help develop and maintain teams, whether newly created or long established. Working with team members both individually and collectively, Agencia will help them to address the many issues involved, including:

  • Troubleshooting for teams in difficulties
  • Refocusing team objectives
  • Understanding team boundaries
  • Examining team members’ roles
  • Communication within and beyond the team
  • Reviewing working styles to ensure they are appropriate to team objectives
  • Resolving intra-team conflicts
  • Establishing clear business processes for the team

Agencia has worked with many teams to explore how effective and efficient they are in achieving objectives, and supporting teams through the changes necessary to realign structures and methods of working to meet business objectives. Most members of the Agencia team have themselves worked as members of senior teams in organisations, and bring a wealth of understanding and experience to the team building process. With the added expertise in management and occupational psychology, Agencia is well placed to deal with particularly sensitive issues that can affect team working.