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Specific Training

Agencia is able to offer a variety of training and development packages, some of which are described here:

Strategic Planning

Business leaders typically struggle with turning their hopes and ideas for change into a strategic plan for action. Agenciaprovides support in this area – clarifying the vision for change, taking people along, and converting the ideas into a written strategy document, marketing/business plan or action plan.


Agencia provides leadership coaching with an emphasis on those who need to lead change but who are reticent facing significant challenges in moving the process forward. We are accredited as a preferred provider with Business Link nationally.

Managing Change

Change processes and techniques lie at the heart of much our work. Training and support is available to those responsible for leading change in their own organisation(s) through such means as personal coaching, senior team workshops and strategic planning support.


Agencia is able to help MDs/CEOs to build their teams, especially senior management teams. This includes identifying existing team strengths and weaknesses, and achieving real teamwork and effective performance.

Conflict Resolution

Agencia staff are specialists in sensitive conflict resolution work, and provide support at executive director and board levels. A number of our team are particularly qualified in this role and can support conflict resolution and return to work processes. We also provide training for those who have to manage conflict within their organisation.

Motivating Staff

Helping business leaders understand what is motivating/demotivating staff is part of the support offered by Agencia – rarely is it pay alone! We provide support for planning and implementing strategies to achieve staff commitment, loyalty, enthusiasm and achieving effective team working.

Interpersonal Skills and Communication

A number of our facilitators are psychologists with particular skills in interpersonal dynamics. Such skills are at the heart of any successful organisation. Modules include:

  •     non verbal communication
  •     empathy and listening
  •     power, influence, and attitude change
  •     stereotyping and self fulfilling prophecies

Participants identify and work on the communication skills they need to develop. This workshop can be run for senior managers or those involved with frontline delivery.