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Development of Boards & Senior Management Teams

Staff development starts at the top, so that’s where we start.

Agencia offers services to Boards and senior management teams to help them become more dynamic, creative and effective corporate bodies. Membership will usually also become more personally satisfying for individuals.

Agencia can, in particular, assist Boards and Senior Teams in:

Being a team:

  • Individual styles and contributions
  • Dealing with ‘personality clashes’
  • Encouraging team working and added value
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Life cycles of teams

Many senior teams function only as a collection of individuals with little evidence of them gelling and adding value. At worst, some teams are dysfunctional. Agencia has a strong track record in handling difficult and sensitive Board and senior team dynamics and achieving enhanced team working and corporacy.

Being business-like:

  • Preparing for and chairing meetings
  • Time management
  • Taking decisions
  • Documenting decisions
  • Delegating
  • Acting corporately
  • Implementing decisions
  • Performance managing/accountability

Under these headings there are likely to be opportunities for the team to be more effective in its decision-making processes and more clear and structured in implementing and monitoring the decisions it takes.

Being effective:

  • Agreeing corporate or team objectives
  • Developing organisational structures
  • Avoiding duplication of effort
  • Appraisal

Additionally there may be a need to review whether the organisational structures, and the links between the Board or senior team and other relevant bodies, committees and individuals are as effective as they could be. Improvements are often possible in striving to be effective.