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Conflict Resolution

If not dealt with effectively, conflict can be both extremely damaging and costly. It may lead to an industrial tribunal. Agencia provides services in understanding the sources of conflict between key individuals and between individuals and the employing organisation.

The causes of failure or underperformance of senior managers, executives and Board members are diverse. Agencia specialises in supporting individuals, and their employers, to maintain and develop personal performance. Our approach combines clinical, occupational and management psychology with senior management expertise.

Our background in conflict resolution enables us to assist in the retention of expensive, high calibre, individuals who have run into work related difficulties, and the avoidance of potentially expensive industrial tribunals.

Our approach increases the chances that all parties can work together effectively for the future and includes:

  •     Understanding the position of all parties
  •     Identifying “official” and “personal” positions
  •     Developing strategies for personal and organisational change
  •     Negotiating and agreeing solutions
  •     Documenting agreements and action plans
  •     Supporting individuals during change
  •     Monitoring implementation and outcomes
  •     Providing specialist advice to HR departments