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Coaching and Mentoring

The level of change and uncertainty facing many organisations and their staff leads to a growing need for coaching and mentoring throughout periods of transition. Supporting individual members of your team to develop can help not only them, but the whole team to take large strides forward.

Personal Development and Coaching

Benefits of coaching

Coaching provides a whole range of benefits:

  • optimisation of the performance of your ‘rising stars’
  • reduce skills gaps and shortages
  • improved retention and morale
  • enhanced team working
  • increased business efficiency, effectiveness and productivity.

Agencia uses a coaching approach which draws upon elements of the core competences of the Association of Coaching, European Mentoring and Coaching Council and the International Coaching Federation.  This approach delivers both a sense of achievement, fulfilment and joy to the individual being coached, and creates real and tangible benefits for your organisation.  The Agencia approach includes:

  • Access to coaches who have functioned successfully as senior managers/directors or Chairs and Chief Executives;
  • A coach with extensive experience and expertise in their specialist area of coaching (a number of our team have formal coaching qualifications);
  • A coach who has high level sector specific experience and generic business skills, capacity and track record to deliver benefits in key areas that will enable you to fulfill your potential;
  • Access to external and third-party best practice, tools, confidential feedback, one-to-one ideas, a sounding board and practical suggestions;
  • Be able to ‘hand pick’ your coach based on their business experience and coaching style through a no obligation initial meeting;
  • Be offered support in accordance with the nature of your (or your organisations’) needs.  This might entail working intensively with you over short periods, or providing occasional support over long periods – with every combination in between;
  • Meet with your Agencia coach face-to-face once a month, with email and telephone support between sessions as needed;
  • Choose the topics for coaching so the focus is on achieving results aligned to your issues, working styles, challenges and business needs;
  • Strategise and develop plans during your sessions that prepare you (and/or your team) to take action;
  • With the ability to have your session in your own office, at the Agencia office or other venues as suits you.

Personal Coaching and Development

We are able to provide personal development support to include:

  •     Optimising performance and achievement
  •     Reviewing the role and function of the individual within their organisation
  •     Identifying personal “stressors” and applying stress management techniques
  •     Understanding absenteeism and planning return to work strategies
  •     Clarifying reasons for underperformance
  •     Conflict resolution
  •     Action planning, both personal and with the employer

Our coaches operate in highly supportive roles to those who wish to make some form of significant change. Assisting the client in committing to action and by being a sounding-board to their experiences, coaching allows the individual personal space and the support they need to grow and develop.

Board/Senior Management Team Coaching

Agencia’s coaching approach to senior executives, directors and board members is not directed at working with an individual entrepreneur, Chief Executive or Director, but with the overall business and management team. The approach is action orientated rather than advisory with the coach and organisation establishing targets and milestones to achieve real results in key areas of the business.

This approach often takes the form of facilitating whole team days, following the initial one-to-one sessions with each team member. The approach allows the coach to sensitively establish the dynamics of the team with the ‘away day’ providing an ideal forum for creative strategic planning in the context of improved team behaviours.


Business and Leadership Coaching

Our business coaches have extensive experience with broad expertise in growing a business and achieving success. They have the skills, capacity and track record to deliver benefits in key areas that will enable your business to exploit its potential.

The coaching relationship will be based on agreed actions and focus, with the client having access to regular advice and hands-on support to address identified business needs to enable progression towards agreed ambitions and goals.

As part of our support for local SMEs, Businessl Link Humber approved Agencia as a preferred supplier of Leadership and Management Support.



Mentoring and coaching are often intertwined and confused. Although related, they are not the same.

A feature of Agencia’s style of consultancy, and included within our corporate values, is our desire to build capacity and confidence of those organisations and individuals we support through a mentoring approach.

Our style focuses around skills and behaviour transfer rather than a traditional consultancy input.  By working alongside top/emerging learnders and their teams, Agencia is able to create internal capacity within your organisation to lead radical and lasting change after we have gone.

If you would like to discuss how we can support you  with coaching, mentoring or a mixture of both, please do not hesitate to give us a call.