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Service Provision

Agencia operates as an independent innovative provider of public services, particularly within health and wellbeing services such as substance misuse.  We can offer a fresh, transformative approach to service provision which delivers the outcomes you need, and are always interested in talking to organisations that are looking for new providers.

Key benefits of commissioning Agencia to provide your service provision include:

  • Particular expertise in innovation, service redesign and transformation;
  • Proven ability to bring about positive change;
  • Determination to retain and spread good practice through rapid audit of existing service, and planning re-structuring to eliminate poor performance;
  • Expertise in cost-reduction and efficiency approaches;
  • Broad team encompassing clinical, legal, managerial, financial specialisations;
  • Core values – private sector business-like approach, but caring and demonstrating ‘ethical capitalism;’ rivalling the third sector approach;
  • Creation of a Service Transformation Roadmap to deal with any identified problems of entrenched low-standards in existing workforces;
  • Experience of working with entrepreneurial commissioners with an appetite for change;
  • Desire to achieve ‘beacon’ services which are pioneering and set examples for international best practice.

One example includes North Lincolnshire Council appointing Agencia to provide its “Active Recovery” Service for registered drug users.  The service has expanded and developed an innovative treatment model to identify and support those at risk of addiction to Prescribed and Over-the-Counter Opioid Painkillers.  This work led to a successful bid for Public Health England Capital Funding to develop a purpose-built treatment centre in a deprived area in Scunthorpe.  The project also won the award for the best presented paper at the Royal College of General Practitioner Substance Misuse Conference in 2016.  Most recently, this service was further expanded on 1st April 2017, with Agencia taking on an additional four year contract for the provision of Needle Exchange, Supervised Consumption, Alcohol Interventions and Brief Advice, and NHS Health Checks across North Lincolnshire. 

Stewart Atkinson, of the North Lincolnshire Substance Misuse Team comments:

“The work delivered so far through the Active Recovery Service has made a real difference. It has delivered tough challenges and changes to enable people to achieve their recovery goals. The feedback received from service users highlights how fantastic the service is. We need to continue this invaluable work in the future.”

Our Active Recovery service is proud to have achieved:

  • Excellent service user satisfaction scores:
  • 86% fully agree it is the best recovery service for them.
  • 99% would recommend Active Recovery to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment. 

The full report is available to download here: Service User Report .

  • Significant improvement in drug free exits
  • Secured an additional £177,000 of external funding from 3 separate sources.
  • Reducing the costs of providing the improved service, by 15% from the original budget.

For further details about how Agencia can provide your service provision, contact Graeme Dixon, Service Manager, Wellbeing and Recovery at:

Or give us a call on 01482 649900