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Service Redesign

Are you sure that you are meeting modern needs with up to date responses? When did you last ask if your services were fit for purpose? How do you know?

At Agencia, we have spent a lot of time looking at services in the public, private and third sectors, and asking some key questions:

Why should you redesign?

  • Are you still efficient and effective?
  • Are you cost competitive?
  • Are you providing what customers/clients/patients want?
  • Are your practices out of date?

 How should you redesign?

  • Engage with the people who know what is needed – your customers and staff will almost always have the answers!
  • Look at your processes – we can help you with LEAN technology to examine how you do things, and where the blockages and inefficiencies are.
  • Look at your workforce – do you have the right people with the right skills in place at the right time?
  • Consult your commissioners – after all, they are the people who will buy (or not!) your services.


This is a demanding agenda when you are already busy.  Talk to us about how we can support you to make this journey easier, and successful.

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