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Service Evaluation

The drive for continuous improvement is constant. This is true whether you work in the public, voluntary or business sector.

The Agencia team understands this, and has actively applied Best Value methodology in a number of service evaluations.  We have a strong track record in providing organisational development and change management across the sectors and offer distinctive and effective approaches.

Our approach can be summarised as follows:

  • An inclusive style
  • Recognition that a successful change management process will involve challenges and risks for key stakeholders.
  • Assisting partners to establish shared goals that are owned at both strategic and operational levels.
  • A commitment to engaging the users of services in the evaluation and redesign of those services
  • Experience in exploring innovative alternatives, including joint commissioning and/or integrated provision.

We believe we help clients to achieve:

  • Clearer aims and ambitions.
  • Partnership working and ownership of common goals.
  • Ambitious, well-articulated and robust strategies to achieve the desired aims.
  • Pragmatic change management and implementation plans.
  • The development of capability and capacity to sustain continued improvement.