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Interim Management

If you need to fill gaps in your organisation on a short or medium term basis, Agencia may be able to offer the solution.

Who is going to lead this priority? Have we got the skills available? You want it when…..?

These are the frequently asked questions in the constantly changing environment in which many of us work today. It is not uncommon for organisations to find themselves without the right people at the right time with the right skills.

Agencia’s team of consultants comes from a wide range of backgrounds, and has a broad range of skills on which to draw. Our Associate pool is wide and growing, and as a result we may well have the people and skills you need to get you through a particularly busy time. We have provided this support to several clients, from areas as diverse as Primary Care Trusts to Education Authorities, in subjects ranging from statistical analysis to procurement processes, from service planning and development to contract monitoring.

We are able to offer short or medium term support, using single people or a range of team members, to suit client needs. Our aim is always to support our client’s current team and staff members, and to leave the organisation stronger and more capable than when we arrived.

So, whether it’s capacity or capability that you need, it’s always worth giving Agencia a call to see how we can help.