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Project Management

“There cannot be a crisis next week; my schedule is already full.”

Henry Kissinger

Whatever your best intentions, it sometimes happens : you need something doing, but haven’t got the resources (skills or bodies) available.

Agencia is used to filling gaps for organisations, and we are often asked to help clients out a second or third time on different projects, or to fill difficult gaps.

Making sure that special projects run to time and budget is one of our special interests, and we approach all our work on a project basis.

Question – How do you eat an elephant?

Answer – One piece at a time

The essence of good project management is to understand the various elements that contribute to the completion and success of your overall project. The key to success is proper planning, combined with being completely clear about the purpose and expected outcomes of your project.

The Agencia team has a wealth of experience of project management – from the simple to the complex, from the immediate to the longer term. We also manage to combine the ‘harder’ aspects, such as progress monitoring, with the ‘softer’ aspects of communication and motivation across the whole project team.

Our approach is to concentrate on the key stages of project management which can be summarised as follows:

  • Initiating – Clarifying the purpose and objectives and agreeing the critical timescales; recovering the expectations of different stakeholder groups.
  • Planning – Breaking down the project into its composite tasks, agreeing the key milestones and critical outputs and marshalling resources.
  • Executing – Leading the project team to ensure that tasks are completed as planned.
  • Controlling – Meeting key milestones, flexing resources as required and reviewing the plan in the light of experience.
  • Closing – Acknowledging the results, reviewing the process and creating the final reporting.

Agencia’s team includes a number of consultants with top management experience, and long term expertise in project management. Our skilled project leaders will work with you (rather than simply for you), making best use of your in-house resources, and strengthening your own capacity during the process if you so wish.

Our team includes PRINCE2 practitioners should you need a specialist approach to project management.