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Organisational Diagnostics

Understanding how your organisation ticks is the key to preparing for the change management process. Without this insight, you will not understand your team’s strengths and weaknesses, and where and how you need to change.

Agencia uses a variety of techniques to establish qualitative and quantitative measures of how your organisation shapes up, including:

  • One to one interviews
  • Focus groups
  • 360° appraisal
  • Client sampling
  • Staff surveys

We have developed a system of diagnostics which has proved particularly effective, and includes:

  • Working with individuals, Boards and teams as appropriate
  • Using specific challenges faced by the organisation as a focus
  • Dealing with sensitive management issues
  • Breaking down barriers and reservations and facilitating the active participation of all key participants
  • Working separately with departmental or divisional teams to understand their various perspectives prior to finalising ways forward.
  • Systematically developing ownership of the ideas and strategies with the individuals and teams who will impact on the long-term opportunity for successful implementation
  • The ability to facilitate fast moving interpersonal dynamics; defuse potential ‘flash point’ situations and turn threat into opportunity
  • Wherever possible we will work with rather than for our clients involving them in the management of change, such that there is a transfer of skills and confidence

Organisations which have employed us recognise our strengths as:

  • The ability to operate at a high level: from the Board downwards
  • Familiarity with complex organisations
  • The ability to work with multiple stakeholders / agendas
  • Sensitivity to situations requiring high levels of confidentiality
  • The ability to work with (mentor) key individuals as well as groups