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Developing Organisational Structures

As consultants, Agencia undertakes organisational development (OD) from a holistic perspective. For example, existing cultural values, staff attitudes, and the history of the organisation/organisations involved need to be taken into account alongside the corporate and commercial objectives for OD. At Agencia we take pride in being able to harmonise the need to develop the structures and processes of organisations with the development of those staff who will work within them.

Within our organisational development consultancy work we will typically be invited to focus on the following areas of an organisation’s functioning:

  • Development of shared vision for change.
  • Bringing together Boards and senior teams from different organisations to form a remodelled management structure for effective leadership and strategic planning.
  • Clarification and development of the role of Boards, committees and subgroups, thereby enhancing the decision taking capability of the organisation and management.
  • The design of new structures, embracing new functions, opportunities and responsibilities.
  • On-going training and support for all levels within the organisation, to achieve culture change.
  • The development of a performance management culture and capability.

Our OD work will typically involve three phases:

  • Diagnosis: how efficient are the current organisational structures, and to what extent can they deliver future corporate ambitions and objectives?
  • Designing effective organisations: proposing, evaluating and agreeing new structures and management arrangements.
  • Implementing the new structures: working with groups and individuals to deliver successful change; introducing effective performance management systems.