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Management of Multi-Agency Projects

One of Agencia’s greatest strengths lies in getting different parties signed up to working together for a common purpose. Our approach, based on 16 years’ experience, is worth looking at.

Because of our team’s experience across a variety of sectors, we are able to offer specialist support when projects require input from several agencies to meet common objectives. Such projects could include:

  •     Cross sector delivery plans
  •     Joint inspections
  •     Integrated service provision
  •     Service reviews
  •     Cross-agency initiatives

We find that, in these circumstances, the assistance of an independent ‘third party’ can be very effective in moving the project forward. It can create an environment for agreeing and establishing mechanisms for working together, developing joint strategic and action plans, and clarifying and resolving disagreement.

Agencia is able to offer:

  •     Project management
  •     Stakeholder engagement
  •     Group facilitation
  •     Public involvement
  •     Challenge events
  •     Full service reviews
  •     Creation of joint plans

As described in our values, Agencia’s approach will seek to produce a clear benefit for service users. We believe there is often more to be gained by working collaboratively, than in isolation. That’s why we usually adopt a team approach ourselves!