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Facilitation of Multi-Agency Fora

Sometimes just getting people together can be a challenge in itself! An independent broker can help to ease the process, and Agencia has a lot of experience.

The development of joint strategies for health improvement, reduction of crime and disorder, drugs action, education and community involvement are just a few examples of the need for partnership working.

Public, Private and Voluntary Sector Consulting

The Agencia team comprises individuals with backgrounds in a range of public sector organisations, particularly health, social services, and the judicial sector, and we have experience in developing multi-agency collaboration at both strategic and operational levels.

We particularly support:

  •     Bringing agencies together for purposeful partnership.
  •     Involving the public and service users as key stakeholders in the planning process.
  •     Negotiating across the public, private and voluntary sectors.
  •     Evaluating the relative priorities of different stakeholder groups.
  •     Service reviews, including Best Value.
  •     Establishing shared vision and commitment; including board development.
  •     Identifying opportunities for shared management arrangements and joint appointments.