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Public bodies are splitting the purchaser – provider functions as they develop their commissioning models and Agencia is supporting private, public and third sector organisations through a variety of strands to ensure they are in the best shape for the future.

With significant expertise in developing commissioning models in the public sector throughout the UK, Agencia’s expertise and track record ensures you can trust us to work with you by ‘teaching you to fish’ and in being ‘the best catch’.

As competition increases for the delivery of services, it is important that you are as efficient and effective as possible to ensure that the outcomes required are achieved.

The migration to a focus of payment-by-results outcomes measure is not a new concept to many sectors. Agencia’s expertise will support you in achieving the maximum outcome and impact within the available resources.

Commissioning Training

Agencia provides training and practical help for organisations who are using commissioning to achieve improvements in quality, cost and outcomes. With a strong background in health and social care, as well as justice, Agencia has had the benefit of working on the commissioning agenda for over ten years.

We offer specific expertise in:

  • Identifying good commissioning: principles and practice
  • Defining what we are trying to achieve through commissioning
  • Designing evidence-based joint or integrated commissoning models and approaches
  • Separating commissioning from provision; strucutral change
  • Commissioning for efficiency, cost reduction and outcomes
  • Achieving quality improvement and securing cost reduction
  • Shaping the provider market
  • Migrating to payment by results
  • Governance issues and the lessions learned from the NHS
  • Achieving financial incentives for commissioning organisations
  • Developing capacity and competencies

Agencia can work with you as a:

Commissioner to:

  • Increase your efficiency & effectiveness across the commissioning functions
  • Achieve quality improvements from providers
  • Help you shape the provider market  Achieve quality improvements
  • Help you migrate to and evaluate payment by results contracts

Provider to:

  • Increase your efficiency, effectiveness and outcomes, impacting on the bottom line
  • Help you bid for new contracts & be best placed within the market
  • Develop performance management in line with commissioning requirements
  • Achieve the best for your customers and your organisation through the payment by results model

If you would like to discuss the impact we could help you make, contact in the first instance: Helen Gibson, Joint Managing Director, 01482 649900.