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Agencia provides a range of change management and related management consultancy services to develop organisations and their people. Our services comprise:


Public bodies are splitting the purchaser – provider functions as they develop their commissioning models and Agencia is supporting private, public and third sector organisations through a variety of strands to ensure they are in the best shape for the future.

Service Planning, Evaluation and Redesign

Ensuring that your organisation’s sense of purpose and direction is clear, understood and delivered by everything that your people do, is critical for your managers. Agencia’s team of consultants know this because they have done it in a variety of agencies and companies for whom they have worked.

Project Management

Whatever your best intentions, it sometimes happens : you need something doing, but haven’t got the resources (skills or bodies) available. Agencia is used to filling gaps for organisations, and we are often asked to help clients out a second or third time on different projects, or to fill difficult gaps.

Market Research and Public Consultation

Knowing what other people think about what you are doing, what you want to do or what you should do adds an important dimension to understanding your business. To support our work in strategic planning, organisational development and change management Agencia has available a wide variety of market research techniques.

Developing Partnership Working

You’ll never achieve all you need to do without other people, and the same is as true for organisations as it is for individuals. Building constructive partnerships with purpose is essential, and Agencia can help you with this tricky process.

Organisational Development

Keeping the organisation fit for purpose is a basic management task that is often neglected. And then we wonder why we have problems! In the changing environment in which we live and work, it’s important that we make sure the organisation is in good shape, but also in the right shape to deliver all our objectives.