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Client Benefits of Working with Agencia

We do not employ sales people; we are committed to ensuring that our experts with whom you originally engage when you are considering using our services, are those who will undertake the work.

Engaging Agencia provides you with a range of benefits:

  • Knowledge of the business area – Subject matter experts with significant experience in successfully designing and implementing complex major change.
  • Instant capacity when you need it – we have access to people with the appropriate levels of knowledge and experience to make sure that change is managed and facilitated effectively. This would included instances where your organisation does not have the required ‘in-house’ skills and occasions when using your own staff would have a detrimental impact upon your day to day business activity.
  • Collaboration – we have built extensive alliances with national and international partners, ensuring the best outcome for your organisation.
  • Value for money – in a period of continued austerity, we are committed to delivering our expertise and practical support in the most cost effective way. All costs will be identified and agreed from the outset.
  • Company values – we stress our intention to work with you, and not just for you.  We have a genuine desire to implement sustainable improvements for you and your clients.
  • Consistency – the Agencia staff who initially discuss the project with you, are the people you would see completing the work.