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primary-care-direct-logoAgencia, working in partnership with DKJ Support Services, is launching a brand new dedicated business support service (Primary Care Direct) for GP Practices. Primary Care Direct is a ‘one stop shop’ supporting GP Practices to grow and develop their business, be it at an individual practice, federation or CCG wide footprint level.

Speaking about the launch of Primary Care Direct, Agencia’s Managing Director, Helen Gibson says:

“GP practices are well placed to take advantage of significant commercial opportunities, particularly from CCG’s, Local Authorities and a variety of other funders.  However, faced with a need to respond and mobilise quickly to invitations to tender and implementing new services successfully won, many Practices have turned to Agencia for technical or short term capacity support.  Having worked with GP Practices for nearly 20 years, we’ve seen that the best GP practices recognise that they need to invest in the right support to become efficient and successful as a vehicle for attracting commercial work; if they do not, they risk considerable damage to primary care services and business survival.  Primary Care Direct has been designed with the input of GP Practices themselves, and launched to ensure GP Practices have all the support they need to thrive in today’s healthcare commissioning environment.”

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