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  • About Agencia

    Agencia is a change management organisation, offering consultancy, training and service provision to the public, private and third sectors. Established in 1997, we have an outstanding track record both in the UK and internationally.

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  • Working with Agencia provides you with a range of benefits

    Experience in designing and implementing major change.
    Value for money - our expertise and practical support comes at a price below that of the larger consultancy companies.
    Company values - we have a genuine desire to improve things for you and your clients.

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  • Our work is making a difference

    Agencia has actively provided benefits in a number of areas: Reforming courts to meet EU standards.
    Applied Lean to increase the speed and efficiency of criminal case management processes.

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Helping you achieve success through change management


“All you can know about it for certain is that it’s bound to change” – Bret Harte

You can be an agent of change or its victim. At Agencia, we work to help you manage developments rather than be managed by them. We have been helping organisations through change management in this way since 1997, so we have a great deal of experience to draw on.

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Meet the Agencia Team


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Our Clients

Supporting private companies, charities and the public sector has taken us across the globe to Europe, Africa and the whole of the UK. We work with a wide variety of clients, and these have included:

britishcouncildh hall hmcs hulltrains londonpt mod moj nhs wigancouncil

“A first class piece of work. The Agencia consultants provided a real sense of experience and gravitas”

Phil HolmesHead of Strategic Commissioning, Derby City Council

“A combination of strong technical expertise with good stakeholder involvement – Agencia is a great team to work with.”

Geoff LakeDirector of Integrated Commissioning, North East Lincolnshire Care Trust Plus

“You not only deliver what you said you would, but you deliver so much more.”

Chris FreanHead of Political Section, British Embassy Zagreb, UK Foreign and
Commonwealth Office